We provide Online Branding and establish a Social Identity for Startups/Local Businesses by building up responsive Websites and exclusive smartphone apps.


We are a team of young enthusiasts who are carried away by Web design/Web development and we are totally fell in love with our damn Computers and cool Gadgets.

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Website speaks a lot about business!

We pretty much love the way we design the websites for our clients. The process of development is like a spider weaves her web. Using cutting edge technologies, we bring life to the websites by using responsive and ultra modern designs. We are hardcore lovers of modern Font kits.


Modern Business needs a smartphone app!

Present world runs with the help of smartphone applications. These apps are just in reach of few clicks away from users and therefore helps them to get in touch regularly. We are professional smartphone app developers with an ability to build great User Experience.


Social Marketing for online identity!

Social Marketing is a new strategy which has born in high tech modern world. With the help of this any startup can probably reach its clients before its rival does. For Social Marketing we use our custom kitchen tools to promote your business online and get greater reach of your clients.


Photography - A Mass Marketing Weapon!

Obviously, the photography is an art and we are renowned artists of creating beautiful and modern photographs that tells a meaningful story about your brands. We follow some intrinsic steps in our labs to get a great output.


How we work

The Idea

It all starts with an idea. We got some intelligent tools to deeply dig into the requirements of out clients and We deeply studies the requirements to make a good prototype to quick start the project.

The Execution

Execution is a process where our tech team head starts by writing lines of code along with design enhancements which matches the taste of our clients. Coffee consumption increases during the execution!

The Quality Check

Once the basic version of project had done. It is sent to scrutinizing team where the entire project is checked deeply for any differences. If everything works fine, our team gives OK stamp.

The Launch

The final stage in the process where the crafted product is proudly launched. Its not just stops here, it actually continuous in a iterative manner. We monitors the product and update it periodically.

Mani Rajasekhar Reddy Janga

Tech Head

This techie guy keeps the team updated with the new technologies and tools. He's fancy about writing lines of code.

Chaitanya Jampani

Head Business

Very enthusiastic towards technology that lies behind the business. He manages the business operations.

Sravan Kumar

Front-End Developer

The designer guy, experiments on different UI/UX stuff to give a life to the complex project and makes it easy for user to get the things done.

Roopesh Gupta Maddula


He's genius who looks after all operations taking place in the company & controls the flow of money!

Jagadeesh Kondapaturi

Campaign Manager

He's an outside interface to our team. Looks after organisation of tech workshops in various Colleges/Universities.

Sai Shashank

Corporate Relations

Had a very good profile & track regard in getting things done with his awesome network to corporate world. He looks after the corporate relations.


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